Auga Fletcher

"I'll never forget that grin for all me days. Her eyes were bright as the fires blazing behinder and that smile, the sure glee across her face."
~Survivor of Bangor Manor Fire

A lady. Grew up farming, is naive but level-headed, capable. She's a bit of a teenage super sleuth whose curious nature and penchant for borrowing shiny objects has landed her in trouble more than a few times. She is terrible at flirting in taverns but excellent at it when she is in search of a clue. It’s just too bad its never seems to work with someone she has an actual interest in. Recently her Parents have been found murdered whilst she was investigating another case. Auga suspects her estranged brother, who joined up with the Silver Herons a few years ago. She has heard the Herons are recruiting in a town called Pan and has gone to investigate.


A Jack-of-All-Trades Turned Orc-Cult Shaman

Fire Starter

Auga has always had a penchant for the flame and finds that it solve most problems for her.

Blood Magic


Bolt From the Blue

Passing Auga in the street can sometimes cause ones hair to rise, sometimes its b/c she's casting a lightning spell on you.