The Brund

The rarest race in Attinar, the Brund are secretive mountain dwellers of considerable size and build. The fact that wealthy Gin merchants will pay top coin for a Brund bodyguard speaks volumes. In combat a single Brund can often turn the fight.

Despite their fearsome reputation The Brund are an ancient and honorable race, hailing from the high mountains, they are seers, shamans, soothsayers, and warriors. Often a small party of Brund will arrive in a village just before a terrible beast strikes, their appearance and intervention often saving the village. This nack for being where the danger is before it arrives has given them a double edge reputation. Some see them as mysterious heroes, whilst others believe they bring trouble wherever they go.

Brund are big. A small Brund will be around 6ft whilst the tallest top out at 8ft. Their build is extremely muscular but well proportioned. Only a fool would think the Brunds tall stature and powerful build would make them slow. Brund tend to travel without horse, and Brund mercenaries tend to outpace the caravans they are protecting. When a Brund does ride a horse it is of their own breed, the massive sturmhove horse. In battle a Brund and their sturmhove are inseparable. The death of a Brund's horse will drive it's master into a rage that does not subside until either the Brund or whoever is responsible (and anyone related to them) is dead.

The Brund have skin that ranges from a fair white to an ashen gray, their hair tends to be a rich black, with older Brund show their age with white speckles appearing in their hair. Brund eye colors range from pale grey to an icy blue. Brund attire tends to be functional and fur lined. Brund lack any form of body hair except that which they carry on their face (in the case of men) and head. They are however prone to dry and rough skin which results in lichen like patterns across their body. Brund The Brund have some interesting secondary traits that tend to appear in some but not all Brund, and in a random collection of them, and sometimes they develop with age. Some Brund have light reflecting retina, whilst others have longer than normal canine teeth, some have been said to grow horns, but this is largely regarded as a myth that grew out of their fearsome appearance.

The Brund are legendary for their weapon and armor craft. No bow will shoot father, no sword is more keen than those crafted by these mysterious mountain folk.

Naming your Brund: The Brund have what they call face names and true names. The true names are known only to the gods of the Brund and it is revealed to the Brund during their "Great Trial" before becoming an adult. Their face names they choose after completing their "Great Trial" and learning their true name. Prior to the “Great Trial” the Brund has no name and is only referred to referentially. Son of Bearhelm, daughter of Bladegleam etc. Face names tend to be simple and like a record for a Brund’s first great achievement.

Brund Ages: To the Brund children are a liability and as such only the strongest and swiftest to develop have survived. Brund begin adolescence at 5 years of age and are considered an adult as soon as they have completed their "Great Trial" for some this is as early as 8. Despite being considered adults after learning their true name, Brund youths are usually not allowed to leave their home village until they have reached "stability" where they have grown at least near their full height, and most fluctuations in appearance have subsided. This is usually around the age of 30. As Brund children are rare, and never seen outside of their own villages there is a pervading myth that there is either a finite number of Brund to have ever existed, or they are formed when the mountainside is split by lightning. The Brund have done nothing to quell this myth.

Brund Biology: Brund blood is a deep red violet. Their blood once exposed to air scabs in a crystalline patterns similar to mineral crystals. The different blood types among the Brund result in different crystal patterns. Before the unification of the Brund clans, blood tests could be used to tell the difference between a member of the clan and an outsider. Each clan having its own distinct crystal pattern. Major wounds cause major crystalization. Contemporary Brund file these growths back down to the skin when their healing process is complete, but ancient Brund warriors are said to have kept them as badges of honor and they could even serve as a form of armor.