The Gin

A hardy sea and river faring folk, the Gin control transport in Attinar and Gin guides are worth their weight in gold. Short of stature and ranging from slender to stocky, the Gin are an athletic race, always on the move, and disdainful of anyone who puts on weight that isn't muscle.

Known for their colorful skin, the the Gin fall into two aesthetic divisions, the River Gin and the Sea Gin. River Gin have brownish-red skin tones whilst the Sea Gin have blue-grey skin tones. Neither subgroup has body hair, born with natural swimming ability and living on the water most of their lives it is thought that the race evolved to simply not need it. Both subgroups tend to have white hair, though some have been known to have a slight tinge to their hair, a subtle cyan or magenta being the most common. River Gin Sea Gin The Gin are also known for the slight point to their ears, and equally colorful range of eye colors, running the full gambit of amber to aquamarine, magenta to pitch black.

The colorful nature of the Gin is also reflected in their attire. As traders and transporters the Gin know the value of things and begin gathering a collection of high quality goods and adornments from an early age. First time travelers are often surprised when a Gin, covered in exotic but functional clothes, adorned with rings and earrings, bangles, and piercings seems to sneak up on them without making a sound. Gin precious metal crafting is the finest around, and a common test for authentic Gin wares is to drop the item upon a stone floor and nere a sound will it make.

The tallest adult Gin are around 5ft and the shortest around 4ft. Both men and women tend to be of muscular build.

Naming your Gin: Gin names, like the Gin language, tends to not have hard sounds. The language flows like the waters they navigate. Gin names are always soft just like the name of the race. G is pronounced as the g in begin. First and surnames are often phonetically similar if not rhyming. Rendelin Rinwen, Selial Alsemid, Quenlelar Ilvisar are all good male Gin names. Roalalin Yingelin, Analiear Telveliear, Vaenalisse Nearelea are some examples of female Gin names. The difficulty of spelling Gin names in common, much less the way the other races stumble over Gin names has lead to most Gin using a nickname. Rendelin = Ren, Selial = Sel, Quenlelar = Quin, Roalalin = Roe, Analiear = Anna, Vaenalisse = Vaye

Gin Ages: The Gin are slow to mature and age, which also allows them to accumulate significant wealth as they grow older. Gin reach maturity around 28 years of age with the expectation that they be financially independent by the age of 30. Gin enter middle age around 65-70 depending on health and begin to think about retirement around 90. The oldest Gin on records was 500 years old when she died, but most Gin have a life expectancy of 175-200 years.

Gin Biology: Sea Gin blood ranges from blue to a coppery green. River Gin bleed red. The two sub-groups blood types are so different that the offspring of the two are non-viable, though folktales tell of the occasional "Mist Gin" a son or daughter of the River and the Sea that survives. Legends say that the Mist Gin can speak to sea and sky, call storms, and calm raging waters.