The Jiro and Jiro'to

The Jiro are the ruling class of Attinar, the race of the Emperor, every Jiro traces their lineage back to the first Emperor with each Jiro house built round a shrine to their lineage. The Jiro-to are those that fell out of favor of the Tiber dynasty (rare as enemies of the first house tend to end up dead) or those that trace their lineage to the brothers of Tiberius the First, the twin brothers Itun and Jotun that mysteriously disappeared when Tiberius took power and established the Tiber dynasty.

The Jiro-to are taller than average, but their slender build lends to them appearing smaller than they are. The shortest Jiro-to is around 5ft the tallest around 6ft 8inches. They have a slight point to their ears, and eye color tends to be amber though green occurs occasionally. Jiro/Jiro-to hair grows with a natural ombre effect being white near the roots and gaining a metallic golden sheen near the ends. Because Jiro tend to be proud of this effect the Jiro-to tend to keep their hair cut short, some even maintaining a shaved head to separate themselves from their brethren. Jiro/Jiro-to skin colors range from light pink to a light golden yellow. The Kovor often refer to them as the Sunfolk.

Jiro and Jiro-to The Jiro-to are natural scholars and lorekeepers. Turning the skills their brethren use to trace lineage to trace history and lore the Jiro-to are some of the greatest historians and storytellers in the lands. In recent years the Jiro-to have become more active in society. Famed assassin Rin'Gareth is of the Jiro-to though none know whether it is out of disfavor of parentage.

Naming your Jiro-to: Jiro-to names tend to be either Imperial (latin) sounding (left over from their house) or east asian sounding and reflecting a student master relationship. Rin studied under the master assassin and thief Gareth (a Kovor!) and as such is named Rin’Gareth. Kirito’Jotun was a famous scholar under his master Jotun (before he disappeared). Pladius the Golden was a famous imperial general. Etc.

Jiro-to Ages: The Jiro/Jiro-to are biologically immortal. Their bodies obtaining a stable cycle around the age of 200. Adolescence tends to be from 65 to 150. There are a few danger years from 150 to 200 where disruptions to the Jiro-to body can cause their cycle to never synch. Such Jiro-to have a life expectancy around 700. Now while the Jiro and Jiro-to are biologically immortal, the average life expectancy after political factors are put into the equation is around 300. Most Jiro are assassinated by a younger upstart, die in duels, or are killed attempting something outside of their ability before they ever reach some of the loftier ages. Most Jiro-to are killed by Jiro for some offense or another or in frequent second house clan fights.

Jiro/Jiro-to Biology: Jin-to and Jin-ro both bleed a sebum like fluid that runs gold/gold-yellow in their veins but turns clear when oxygenated and under certain circumstances it will harden into a resin like substance.