The Kovor

The most common race in Attinar the Kovor are the backbone that holds the nation together. Known for their hospitable nature it is said when the first Gin ferried to Attinar from beyond the mists the Kovor had already built them a hut to stay in.

A mainly domestic people, the Kovor value family, hearth, and home. They are unmatched in their skills with stone and earth, creating fantastic pottery and ingenious stoneworks. Kovor pottery made with their secretive base of black clay are sought after items especially by the aristocracy for a true Kovor flask or jar will cleanse any liquid it contains, be it swamp water, or even poison, after an hour in a Kovor container only sweet pure water remains. Their knowledge of earth and stone makes them excellent trackers and hunters, but most use their knowledge for agriculture. Kovor skin tends to be fair, but brown easily in the sun. Hair colors range from blonde to brown, with the occasional red. Eye colors tend to be brown or green, blue is not unheard of but tends to raise an eye in a village especially if it is close to the mountains. Kovor The Kovor’s naturally amicable behavior makes them natural diplomats and problem solvers and they tend to be good at most things they attempt.

Naming your Kovor: Earthy sounding names are most common. Think good germanic. Wynrie, Aeris, Andrea, Magda, Lena, Brock, Knut, Konrad etc. Last names tend to be profession based, but usually several generations removed since people keep surnames in current era. Smithe, Huntsman, Wodenman, Killbeorn, Fischer.

Kovor Ages: The Kovor are are hardy race with a short infancy and childhood, with adolescence beginning around 9 years of age and maturity and adulthood beginning around 17-18. The Kovor brief but fruitful adulthood with middle age being around 40 and old age setting in around 55. The Kovor seem to become hardier as they grow older with an average life expectancy of 125. This has resulted in some Kovor societies having more village council members than active villagers.

Kovor Biology: Kovor blood is red. Occasionally a Kovor suffers from "Wilding." It usually occurs to individuals who have spent too long in the wilds or who have suffered from some significant personal or physical trauma. It can take many forms, a thickening of the skin on the hands and feet to be leathery and hide like, an antler or horn sprouting from the crown of the skull, and occasionally a spotted form of melanism.