Lin né Lin'Xiu

"I have never seen someone fall so many times trying to attack with a sword, only to call down a tempest of divine flame to scour those that teased her."
~Survivor of the Battle at Titanheart Keep

Lin was a promising scholar at the royal institute in the capital under her former master Xiu. Lin had a natural interest in history and in particular the forbidden legacy of magical arts in Attinar. The other academics at the institute began to resent Lin for her research and her master Xiu was forced to chastise her for researching that which "should not be remembered". Lin was saddened and insulted and struck out to continue her research away from the academy, dropping her masters name.

Her research brought her to the library at Hoen, but found the city besieged from outside and within. After sneaking into the city and fortifying herself in the academic journal section Lin found herself caught up in the troubles as the Library itself was attacked and Lin came to its defense and was injured during the struggle.

After feeling the presence of a divine entity Lin joined up with the Dawnshields for a time before finding herself in cahoots with the Strong Ladies


Lin was driven to a life of violent heroism after witnessing the greatest crime of all, a destroyed library.


The pen is mighter than the sword, especially when written right here is how to awaken a dead sun on ya ass.


Lin's glowing virtue and sense of justice and good lends credibility to a motley crew of savage ladies.

Guiding Light

One of the first followers of "The Lady" a mysterious deity baring many similarities to Annolyndt the Radiant Dawn