Midilisse "Midi" Dimilaye

"Who was that poncho-wearing gin that blew up the storehouse?"
"That was their party healer"

The daughter of an alchemist and metal-smith, Midi was always facinated with the power of things crafted. Whether it was a salve her father brewed or a dagger her mother forged Midi was enchanted by the power of these simple items. Part of the hard-living and nomadic River Gin, Midi learned the benefits of altruism at an early age, helping others often leads to them helping you, and the simple act of aiding another reaps its own rich rewards.

Unsatisfied with the simple life of a boat merchant, and desiring knowledge to craft even more wonderous things, Midi left her parents boat younger than most Gin and wandered, somewhat aimlessly along the southern riverways of Attinar until she heard a rumor that that would change her destiny forever. Some more adventerous merchants spoke of a swamped woodland where treasures seemed to bubble up from deep within the ground, catching in the tangled roots of the cyprus trees that grew there.

What happened in that dark swamp, only Midi can say, but when she finally emerged from her adventure there she had a curious bangle wrapped tightly around her arm, almost as if gripping it and an almost supernatural understanding of magical items. In some she could hear voices, small and timid, in other strong and commanding. Those that would serve her she kept, others she cast by the wayside. Those that served granted her great strength, like nothing that she had seen in the world before. She eventually found others that had gained similar strengths and they would travel far and wide to find Midi for she could tell them the secrets of the items they held.


Fast talking, wand weilding, crybaby bandage cannon


They say never go to bed angry, or without casting all your spells, Idk I wasn't really listening ok?

Wand-er Lust

Midi doesn't find wands so much as wands find her, but she's pretty ok with that.


Nearly killed a man after a 10 minute pun riff.