Perenelle “Nel” Wynvinelle

"Never in my history of observing scoundrels and rogues have I seen a theif as disarming and as dangerous as Nel"
~Berholt Bron Tavernkeep(The Rat and Dagger)

Nel is the youngest of five sisters. Her father is a successful merchant and her mother was a successful sea trader in her own right before her ship disappeared on a journey to the North Continent. Nell’s father sent each of her four older sisters to visit each of the cardinal directions and each returned with riches to add to their family trade. When he got to Nelle he was at a bit of loss until they pulled in to a port and saw the imperial decree for able bodies to report to Pan or Hoen to aid in uncovering the mystery of the shadows troubling the lands. Enticed by the mystery but fearful of his youngest’s safety, Betrinelle Wynvinelle sent his youngest Nelle to the town of Pan to join up with the excursion forming there.

Nelle has light blue skin and amber eyes, with white loose braid hair. She is short for her kind but athletic as any of her race.


Infamous for her loot-loot lust, Nel lets her heart lead and her daggers do the talking

Heart Breaker

Nel isn't above flirting for for what she wants and her own amusment. Her trail of broken hearts spreads across Attinar

Idle Hands

If it wasn't nailed down, Nel stole it, but whats this a candy in your pocket?

Theifs Presence

Nel has the eye of seasoned appraiser, and lets be honest here, she's leaving the shop with whatever she's eyeing one way or another.