"No. I've never met Stonesunder. What? I just thought that was an angry wall? Ok I guess I have met Stonesunder"
~Berholt Bron Tavernkeep(The Rat and Dagger)

At roughly 7' in height, she is neither especially tall nor short for a Brund. Her black hair is shoulder length and unkempt, and her skin would nearly resemble polished marble if it weren't caked in a fine layer of dirt. Her silver-grey eyes are heavily lidded, giving the impression she is either very bored, or very simple. She wears her curious stone artifact at her neck on a thick bit of twisted cloth and leather rope, which could just as easily describe most of what she wears. Wrapped in layers of roughspun and hide, she keeps her fingers and toes exposed to better facilitate her communion with the earth. Digging into the earth (crushing large pieces of it, in particular) is how she feels she comes to a greater understanding of her surroundings and her place in the larger scheme of existence. She has left her home to feel the earth of faraway places, that she might deepen this understanding. Picking up dirt and rocks is a preface to her doing important things, or making an important decision. She has much greater confidence in her actions and decisions when she does this, whether or not it actually helps is irrelevant.

A Seer in her village has had a vision: "The deep places open, what was forgotten shall be remembered, what was lost shall be found, the deep places open and many that seek the truths that lie within their darkness shall not return to bask in their light. What was shut, has become unbound." He was of the opinion that Sonesunder's nature, to seek the deep places to find understanding, is being echoed in this vision. “Seek the truth that lies beneath dirt and stone. Travel to the town of Pan and see what may be seen, and hear what may be heard.”


Sweaty, Fretting, Terrifying, Anxious Party Dad

Immovable Object

When Stonesunder isn't lifting her friends out of tight spots, shes lifting most other things. Carts, boulders, the closing jaws of an ancient terror. You know. Standard lifts.

Unstoppable Force

Whats the old saying. "When your a hammer, fuck everything in that direction?"

No Touch

Stonesunder has been known to be a bit overprotective of the Strong Ladies.