The Dawn of Ages

From the churning cosmos a planet formed in the dark around a mighty star

A burning desolate waste, it held none but the one

...The Witch

And the Witch knew the name of the planet, for in its terrible voice it whispered to the Witch...

I am Argos

Eons passed

...and Argos burned in silence

Then came the titan

A massive being carved out of the chaos from which the universe was birthed

It fell upon Argos from a tear in the sky beyond which howled with chaos and shadow

A statue like being of muscled alabaster that wore four masks to cover its hideous visage

“Thing that watches from the dark,” it groaned as it bleed upon the dust of Argos “see and know that I am Algerion”

The words meant naught to The Witch but they watched and knew just the same

They watched as Algerion reached into its terrible mask from which its eyes burned bright and plucked the burning orb from its perch

Withdrawing its bloody hand, Algerion crushed the glittering sphere into a shimmering lens

...and cast it into the dirt

Where the titans blood wetted the dust of Argos the titan called forth a spire of iron.

The ground headed Algerions call and up through the blooded mud a twisting spike of searing iron burst forth

The Witch watched, puzzled at this beings power and intention and recoiled in horror as the titan threw itself upon the blazing spike

Its body shuddered, its back arched as its heels dug into the ground from pain as it slid to the spires base

And when the dust had settled, and the light faded from the titans remaining eye, Argos shuddered with the weight of the titans passing

Once more the Witch found themselves alone

But now, glittering in the blood-damp earth their lay a glittering lense

Oh,how the Witch tried to deny the brilliant disc

..but in the end they succumbed to curiosity

it is said the eye holds a terrible power, it can take the true name from things without them being given

but in return the eye takes a terrible price, the eye of the one who wields it

so it is told that the Witch took the eye, and gave their own to Argos

The Witch learned the price of knowledge

Eons passed and in the shaping of the world two histories became known. Which is truth and which is fable, only The Witch who witnessed it all can say...

The Children of Algerion

The Cauldron-Born

In the days after the fall of the Titan Algerion the Witch in their new found knowledge grew restless

Knowing the name of all things and seeing what could be as well as what was the Witch concocted a ritual to bring life to the burning waste of Argos

With gnarled hands they dug a massive pit, and spoke the name of fire, creating a burnt and blackened bowl

Into this cauldron the Witch called thunder down from the heavens, and drew water from the deep boiling seas

They captured the light of the cruel sun, and summoned stone from the burning mountains

The cauldron roiled and spat etherial flames

The witch drew a ragged obsidian blade across their wrist, letting the hot blood spill into the tempestuous mixture

From bubbling broth the first mortal life spilled forth, the Cauldron Born

and from them all that lives on Argos grew, and struggled, and thrived

and so came forth the peoples of Argos, from the Mountains the Thrund, the Sea the Qin, from the Plains and Forests the Khofarn, and from the deserts the Djin

These primal peoples were brutal and warlike, they fought amongst themselves, and wars raged across the lands, much to the amusement of the new immortals that arose during this tempestuous age

In the far reaches of the world the fledgling peoples of argos found great monuments and temples, strange cities, and curious works

Many were abandoned, and here great civilizations grew upon the bones of these curious ruins

Others still held their curious gods and beings to which the temples were constructed, and the cities in which their worshipers dwelled

These were the children of Algerion. They called themselves Titans and demanded fealty from all who had the misfortune from crossing their paths.

The Titans power was overwhelming, seas split before them, mountains arose in their tread, foul creatures born of nightmare burst into being wherever they desired, and their will to dominate was absolute

One by one the peoples of Argos began to fall to the Titans and the power of their cruel masters grew

But not all was lost...

Among these ancient peoples heroes began to rise in the face of adversity, and with each passing battle, their prowess and power grew.

The people began to pray for these heroes to save them.