Wynry Woodward

"I think its time we gave up henching. I just.. oh god she's looking this way!"
~Unnamed Bandit, shortly succeeded by Nameless Bandit 2, and that guy Wynry shot in half.

WynryWoodward is the daughter of a local fur trader. Her mother died in childbirth and she grew up helping her father with his work (tracking, hunting, skinning, butchering, etc) and tending his small shop once she was old enough. She has always been filled with a wanderlust and idolizes the treasure hunters who pass through town on their way to the forested hills. Her father was a fairly successful treasure hunter before he settled down, so much of her childhood was spent begging for stories of derring-do, which her father may have elaborated slightly ("I once took on 3 red dragons with just a pitchfork and my wits!"). Her father recently disappeared, around the same time rumors of shadows moving around the woods at night began, leaving her at a crossroads - stay in town and continue her father's work or travel to Pan where she has heard rumors of an expedition mounting to discover the source of the shadows, and perhaps a chance to find her father, or what happened to him. She's a tad naive but scrappy and learned a lot of survival and fighting skills from her father.

Appearance: 5’7”, lean, with curly red hair, green eyes, and fair skin that has browned from extended time spent outside. She wears a lot of fur in her clothing and has a bear-skin cloak. 19 years old.


She shot the law, and the law died, and so did everything that touched the laws corpse.

The Quiet One

Look, an arrow in the arm is just how she says hello ok. She likes you really.

Double Tap

Wynry has a penchant for putting things down. For good, and again if it wasn't its first time being dead.

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Due to an unfortunate incident with a cursed locket and Nel taking a joke a little too far, Wynry suffers a simmering obession with Nel that surfaces whenever Nel gives the slightest indication of affection for Wynry.